Fly vs Bear







first comic I drew cute bears on couchmy first comic cute bears on couch comicmy first comic cute comic bear cartoonmy first comic cute comic bear throws phonemy first comic cute bear eating my first comic cute bear comic sharing fruitmy first comic cute bears sharing fruitmy first comic cute comic bears lying on couchArtist’s Note:

This is my very first comic. I was looking for an idea for my first comic and came up with this after purchasing some really huge peaches. They were not ready to eat and I really wanted one, then the story came to me, and the Bears came to life!

Spranger Bears

cute comic bears walking on roadcute bears in roadcute bears crossing roadcute bears in nature near tablecute bears in nature with tablecute bears carrying table on road


In a certain part of the world a Spranger is a person who habitually appropriates stuff lying around, for resale for a few bucks or for personal use.

For example
Adjective – I saw a Spranger Man walking upstream with a fridge!
Noun – That darned Spranger took my pencil case.
Verb – She sprang my pen.
Gerund – The art of Spranging.

There is a subtle difference between spranging and stealing.
Mary leaves a big jar of pepper sauce outside by the road to cure in the sun. Spranger Man passes, takes the pepper sauce (that has no obvious owner!) and tries to sell it to my aunt further down the road.

Spranger has been used to refer to a random person who looks like they would sprang something, but I think that’s an inappropriate and unfair use.