Early Paper Sketches of the Bears

Some random sketches … so bear with me!

These are early drawings of The Bears, i.e, how they looked before the webcomic images.

You’d see I also tried to draw other artists’ bears before figuring out my own bears.

cartoon bear eating donut.jpg

Cute doughnut bear. One of the first sketches I made while coming up with the characters for “Being Bears”. Still think he’s super adorable!

cartoon bears going up ladder

To obtain ideas I use everyday occurrences. There is an attic in my house, and Laura can’t get into it. But I can. So naturally she thinks it is a wonderful fantasy world or winter wonderland. It’s just really dusty!

cartoon bears having tea

Who doesn’t love a good cuppa?

hiking cartoon bears learning to draw

Motivated by the Hiking Bear in One Piece during the Drum Island arc.

cartoon couple bears

Love Bears 🙂

cartoon bears exercising

While coming up with the Being Bears characters, I used other comic/cartoon bears as reference. This one is motivated by the cartoon We Bare Bears.

cartoon bears carrying Christmas tree

This one was motivated by a really long story … hilarious but long!

cute cartoon bears having coffee after dinner

Two bears having coffee after dinner.

cartoon dropbears

If she could have, she would have.

cartoon bears fishing

In the Loomis Fun with a pencil book, there was a pose reference of a person fishing that I liked.

cartoon bears scavenging in a tip

We were never in the tip!

cartoon bear taking care of sick bear on bed

Some time in 2016 I was ill for a few months.

a Bear's gotta eat

A Bear’s gotta eat!

two cute couple cartoon bears reading on the couch

Chilling out on the couch reading.

learning to draw cartoon bears gardening

We have an allotment. First attempt at drawing plants!

pizza bears

The bear on the left was inspired by a character and comic at lizclimo.tumblr.com. Also pizza!

cartoon bears mischief at supermarket

Sometimes, I really want to …



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