About Being Bears

Being Bears is a webcomic about a pair of bears eating pears! Well not really, the webcomic follows the crazy life of two bears … It officially started on September 14th 2017, although Being Bears was in the planning stages for about two years.

Is the comic based on real events? Is it based on our lives? Those are questions I get asked a lot. I’ll say this;

Every Being Bears comic is based on our observations of actual events, which we’ve experienced first hand.

Occasionally I’ll share how we came up with the idea for that comic.

Being Bears updates every Wednesday (PST)/Thursday (BST).



Drawing/art by Hayden Rampadarath

Lettering and dialogue by Nadra Ramsaran

Story/concept by Hayden Rampadarath and Nadra Ramsaran

If you like Being Bears please help us by making a donation. Thanks.


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